Oaktown Complex, Indiana

Oaktown Mine

230MM Ton Coal Complex

In the fall of 2014, Sunrise acquired Oaktown I and Oaktown II mines in Oaktown, Indiana. The Oaktown mines lie just between Sunrise’s Carlisle Mine and the developing War Eagle reserve. Altogether, Carlisle, Oaktown and the War Eagle reserve have become a 230MM ton underground coal complex. What was known as the War Eagle reserve will now be mined through Oaktown II.

The addition of the Oaktown mines makes Sunrise Indiana’s second largest coal producer and offers customers the ability to meet large and small volume contracts. In addition, Oaktown coal can be blended with Ace in the Hole coal to meet nearly any specification.

The Oaktown delivery system includes two heavy media wash plants on-site, with a capacity for 1600 tph and a 110-car double-rail loop. At Oaktown, Sunrise will employ the same efficiency model as at the Carlisle mine, maintaining that a safe mine is an efficient mine.

Oaktown Complex Photo Gallery