Modern Mining Methods

A contemporary coal mine, like the Sunrise Mine in Carlisle, Indiana, is very different from coal mines of the past. Modern mining is safer and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Carlisle Mine: Modern Mining Underground

Room & Pillar Mining: Safe, Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

Modern Mining at Carlisle Mine, IN

Working 300-450 feet underground, miners use 6-foot, fully grouted metal bolts inserted every 4 feet to support the ceiling. To keep fresh air flowing at all times, the mine is fully ventilated. Advanced mining equipment, like a continuous miner, is used to safely and efficiently remove coal.

Typically, a crew of 4 is working underground. They enter the mine on a man-trip — a specially-designed, low-profile mining vehicle — through a 2,400-foot, 16% grade tunnel. It takes 20 minutes to arrive at 1 of the 5 working sections. To speed up the delivery of support crew and supplies, a portal has been installed in the north end of the mine. View the Sunrise Carlisle facility and meet some of our miners.