Efficient Transportation

Efficiency is required both underground and above ground at the Sunrise Carlisle Mine. Once coal is extracted and sent to the surface for washing, it is ready for shipment. Tour the Carlisle facility>>

Express Rail Car Loading for Transportation

The Carlisle Mine is located on the CSX Railroad mainline (Chicago/Nashville/Birmingham/Jacksonville corridor) and possesses running rights to the Indiana Rail Road (INRD). A Kanawha batch weigh load-out system accommodates two 105-car trains on a double-rail loop.  A coal train can typically be loaded in roughly four hours.  Sunrise can guarantee quality specifications are consistently met by using twin heavy media wash plants (1,000 tph). An independent third party operates the automatic sampler to ensure integrity of all samples.

Sunrise Rail Car Loadout for Transportation

Sunrise Photo Gallery

Sunrise-Carlisle Mine at Dusk Coal Load-Out Tower Wash Plant Rail Loop Entry Slope Coal Pile Coal Load-Out Coal Load-Out Controls