Carlisle Mine, Indiana

Carlisle Mine, IndianaHigh-Quality Coal with Low Chlorine Levels & Higher Heating Content

Sunrise Coal owns and operates an underground coal mine located in Carlisle, Indiana that produces 3 million tons of bituminous coal annually. Approximately 90 percent of our coal is sold to utilities within the state of Indiana.

The 290 employees at the Carlisle Mine operate 4 underground mining units using the room and pillar approach—one of the safest and most ecologically friendly methods for extracting coal. Our No. 5 coal seam is 350-440 feet deep and it is accessed through a 2,400-foot driveable, dual-use slope. View the Sunrise-Carlisle facility>>

In-House Talent

Nearly all of Sunrise’s operations were built in-house. Our in-house talent has enabled us to develop coal mines for up to a third less than competitors. Additionally, Sunrise holds one of the highest efficiency rankings among all Indiana coal mines as measured by tons per man hour.

Carlisle Mine Photo Gallery