Ace in the Hole Mine, Indiana

Ace in the HoleExceptionally Low-Sulfur Coal

In November of 2012, Sunrise Coal purchased permitted fee coal reserves, coal leases and surface properties near Clay City, Indiana. The Ace in the Hole Mine is 42 road miles northeast of the Carlisle Mine.

At Ace in the Hole, Sunrise is mining two primary seams of low-sulfur coal, which make up 2.9 million of the 3.1 million tons controlled. The low-sulfur coal from Ace is trucked to Carlisle for blending with its high-sulfur coal.

Many utilities in the southeastern U.S. have scrubbers with lower-sulfur limits that cannot accept the higher sulfur content of most Illinois Basin coal. Ace coal can also be shipped directly to unscrubbed customers that require low-sulfur coal.