Sunrise Assets

Highly Efficient Coal Operations in the Illinois Basin

Sunrise Coal, Indiana’s second largest coal producer, is focused on safely and efficiently mining high-quality bituminous coal from the Illinois Basin. Our current operations include:

  • Carlisle Mine, Indiana – Sunrise’s flagship underground mine with 65 million tons in coal reserves.
  • Oaktown Mine, Indiana: An underground coal complex with 165 million tons in reserves located along the Indiana-Illinois boarder.
    • Oaktown I (65MM tons)
    • Oaktown II (100MM tons, including the original Oaktown II mine and the War Eagle reserve)
  • Bulldog Reserve, Vermilion County, Illinois – A developing underground mine with 55 million tons in reserves, expected to be operational in 2015-2016 time-frame.
  • Ace in the Hole Mine, Indiana – A surface mine operation with 3.5MM tons of exceptionally low-sulfur, low-mercury coal which can be shipped directly or blended with Sunrise’s other coals.