Environmental Impact

Environmental issues associated with coal mining are paramount at Sunrise Coal. With careful planning and the use of modern mining techniques we are able minimize our environmental impact.

Minimal Land Disturbance

Prior to opening, the Carlisle mine went through rigorous land impact studies. A mine cannot open without proving limited impact.

Sunrise works closely with local landowners for mineral leasing and we pride ourselves on being a respectful partner with landowners, helping to preserve the land for future generations.

Non-Subsidence Environment

With underground mining, ground subsidence or land shifting can be an issue when large sections are removed. Sunrise is committed to developing a non-subsidence environment by using advanced engineering design, geotechnical data evaluations, and the room and pillar mining approach for coal extraction—one of the safest and most ecologically friendly methods for extracting coal.

Maintaining Clean Water

Prior to the development of a new mine, law requires mines to create monitoring wells. These wells enable us to benchmark the pre-mine water level and quality, and monitor the local water supply to ensure that it is not affected by the water needs of the mine.

Sunrise operates a closed-loop system for washing our coal with water coming from captured rainwater, recycled water, and a designated well or pumped source.

Post-Mining Land Restoration

Reclamation legislation requires that after a mine is closed, the land is recovered and returned to its pre-mined state, or the facilities are sold to another business. Specific taxes and bonds are collected in a mine area to assist with reclamation if a mine company is unable to reclaim the land itself.

When the time comes, Sunrise will remove all underground and surface equipment, returning the land to the state it was prior to mining operations beginning.