Landowners & Neighbors

Sunrise works with local landowners to unearth the valuable assets that lie beneath the land, without disturbing the surface property.

Farming, Mining & Community Impact

Sunrise Coal’s founders have roots in farming and understand the importance of protecting the land. We also understand the importance of being a good neighbor, and adding value to the communities in which we live and work.

  • Farming & Land Use: Farming and drainage systems are not impacted by underground mining in a room & pillar mine.
  • Non-Subsidence: The developing Bulldog Mine in Vermilion County, Illinois will be a non-subsidence room & pillar design.
  • Jobs: On the average, coal mine jobs pay roughly $76,000 annually and Sunrise Coal currently offers free healthcare benefits to employees. The Bulldog Mine in Illinois is projected to employ 300 workers directly and create an additional 268 residual jobs in the area. View the complete NIU Economic Impact Study>>
  • Economic Impact: According to a recent study, the Bulldog Mine will generate approximately $10.5 million in state and local taxes annually (Source: Northern Illinois University Study, February 2012).