Meet Our Miners

At Sunrise, our dedicated mine employees make our company a safe and prosperous place to work.

Shad Montgomery, Safety Director

Sunrise Safety Director Shad is a third-generation miner. He values coal as a source of affordable power and the mining culture for its brotherhood.

Matt Smith, Foreman, Out-By Crew

After a career in law enforcement, Matt started working at Sunrise. He’s thrilled that his job has allowed his wife to stay at home to care for their three children.

Rusty Berry, Miner, 3rd Shift

Rusty has been a miner for 12 years in three different mines. He’s proud to be a miner and appreciates Sunrise’s family oriented approach with employees.

Being a Coal Miner

Working in a modern mine is different from years past. Sunrise miners talk about the advanced equipment used underground, the great people they work with, work/life balance and more.

Sara Clark, Human Resources & Risk Management

Sara hires employees and manages benefits. Her favorite position to hire for is the inexperienced miner, as they are always surprised by the excellent benefits and focus on safety at the mine.

Patty Shidler, Dispatch

Patty has her finger on the pulse of the coal mine by monitoring two critical systems: The AMR computer for under-ground air quality and the mine site tracking system for monitoring all miners underground.