Hallador EnergyHallador Energy Company (HNRG) is the parent company of Sunrise Coal, LLC. Hallador, Spanish for “one who leads the way,” is a fitting name for a company whose forward-looking leaders recognized that the Illinois Basin (ILB) was on the verge of rapid expansion. Hallador took the opportunity to transition from the California oil business to ILB coal mining¬†with the purchase of Sunrise Coal in 2006.

After joining the NASDAQ in May 2010 under the symbol HNRG, Hallador became the only publicly-traded company that produces coal solely in the Illinois Basin. Solid experience combined with an aggressive vision for the future makes Sunrise Coal the most efficient coal producer in the ILB.

Hallador Energy: The Right Process

  • Sunrise Coal’s management team has a 40-year track record of highly productive mining in the Illinois Basin.
  • Sunrise Coal has the lowest cash costs of any of the public mining companies in the ILB, as reported by Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. The majority of the ILB coal (72%) is produced by public companies.
  • “A safe mine is a productive mine,” is the philosophy that guides operations and has inspired a nationally-recognized training program.
  • Sunrise Coal specializes in developing mines “in-house.” This reduces development costs by up to 30 percent, lowers maintenance costs, and increases efficiency by reducing downtime.