At Sunrise, our people help set our company apart. As the largest employer in Carlisle, Indiana, we have approximately 300 dedicated employees, long tenures and low turnover.

Carlisle, Indiana Jobs

Sunrise Carlisle Mine is currently not hiring; however, from time to time, positions do open up. If a position becomes available, we may post job information here. If you have previously applied, we will keep your information on file for one year.

Bulldog Mine/Allerton, Illinois Jobs

The proposed Bulldog Mine in Vermilion County is expected to be operational in 2014. This mine will bring approximately 300 new jobs to the area, paying between $18-$26/hour with health insurance provided (average wage rate of $76,000 annually).

Positions will include:

  • Surface employees: administrative staff, human resources, dispatch
  • Surface miners to load coal and operate the wash plant
  • Safety professionals
  • Mechanics
  • Underground employees to operate mining equipment, install roof bolts, maintain equipment, spread limestone, and monitor conveyor systems

More information will be available once a permit has been issued and construction in underway. Many of these positions are entry level and will include on-the-job training.

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