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About Sunrise Coal, LLC

In 2001, Ron Laswell started leasing the Carlisle Reserve in Carlisle, Indiana. In 2002, Mr. Laswell and his brother Steve formed Sunrise Coal, LLC in preparation for opening and operating a commercial coal mine on the Carlisle Reserve. Carlisle was Ron Laswell’s eighth underground coal mine. Laswell brought a wealth of both surface and underground mining experience to Sunrise; his ideas about mining have been incorporated into daily operations and they have helped make Sunrise the successful mine that it is today.
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By late 2004, Hank and Brent Bilsland, father and son, joined Sunrise. The Laswell brothers and Hank Bilsland already had a history of working together; the Laswell brothers and Bilsland family were three of the four principle owners in Catlin Coal, Inc., which developed the Riola Mine in Catlin, Illinois. The Riola Mine was sold in 2000 to Black Beauty Coal Company along with the leases and permits to the Vermillion Grove Mine. Since 2006, Brent Bilsland has been Sunrise’s President and a member of the Board of Managers.

In 2006, Hallador Energy Company (HNRG) bought 80 percent of Sunrise and helped provide the financing needed to develop the Carlisle Mine. Hallador’s principle owner, Yorktown Partners, is a private equity firm located in New York. Sunrise was Yorktown’s first venture in the coal industry. In September 2009, Hallador purchased the remaining 20 percent of Sunrise to make the company a wholly owned subsidiary.
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Today, Sunrise operates four underground mining units on the Carlisle Reserve bringing the company's overall coal yield to almost three million tons per year.

  • March 2006, Development begins at Carlisle
  • December 2006, Hit coal
  • January 2007, Bottom development
  • February-July 2007, Sunrise ships 400,000 tons
  • July 2007, Sunrise splits to two units
  • August 2007, Production reaches 1.3MM pace
  • August 2008, Third mining unit online; Production reaches 2.2MM pace
  • February 2009, Fourth mining unit online; Production reaches 3.0MM pace
Mine Information
  • Mine Location: Carlisle, Indiana
  • Total Tons Identified: 55 MM
  • Total Tons Controlled: 45 MM
  • Current Customers: Several Indiana utilities